3 Reasons To Donate Blood in Central Virginia

If you want to change lives right here in Richmond, sign up for our October 8th blood drive.

Blood donations help an array of patients live longer lives — which is why every year, CowanGates partners with the American Red Cross and Salisbury Country Club to host our Memorial Blood Drive in honor of our founder, Frank Cowan. Less than 38 percent of Americans are eligible to donate but only 10 percent do each year. As you may know, there are many benefits to donating but we have compiled a list of our top three reasons to give blood in this critical climate.


Every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood, and your one donation can potentially save up to three lives in your community — whether a cancer patient, burn victim, or someone with a chronic illness. Just think, less than an hour of your time can give another person the gift of life. Do not worry though, your blood is not being drawn for the entire hour. The actual donation only takes a few minutes.


For decades, researchers have attempted to create blood — but there is still no substitute for the actual blood that only comes from generous donors. While plasma expansion and other IV fluids exist, they do not carry the same antibodies and electrolytes that exist in blood. That being said, we must donate to ensure safe transfusions for those in need. No matter whether the patient is undergoing heart surgery or an organ transplant, the one thing all doctors will order is real blood.


Every time you donate blood, you burn roughly 650 calories. The majority of Americans lose that amount after an intense, hour-long cardio session. By donating blood, you not only help those in need, but you also help yourself. It is an easy way to say goodbye to that cheat meal from last week. In addition to the bountiful health benefits associated with donating, donating is also a cost-effective route to receive a mini-physical — including a free blood pressure and cholesterol check.

Contact us today to volunteer for our Memorial Blood Drive in Richmond, VA

You have it within you to save a life. Sign up today for our Memorial Blood Drive and make a true difference in the lives of others on October 8, 2019. To reserve your time slot between 2 p.m. — 6 p.m., contact Jenn Luck at 804-794-6841 or fill out a quick online form to schedule your life-changing donation.

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