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At CowanGates, our experienced attorneys will aggressively fight for your interests in and out of the courtroom. We have a successful track record of protecting people’s rights — whether charged in a DUI traffic stop in Chesterfield, or filing for divorce in the Commonwealth. Our attorneys provide legal aid and advice regarding personal injury, civil and criminal litigation, family law, and much more. For more than 40 years, our law office in Richmond, Virginia has been dedicated to securing justice and favorable results on behalf of our clients in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Learn more about our team of attorneys below by visiting their profiles.

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CowanGates | Attorney | Brandon Cowan. Richmond, Virginia based lawyer with expertise in estate planning and business and corporate law.

Brandon Cowan

CowanGates | Attorney | Neil Cowan. Expertise in personal injury, criminal defense, civil and commercial litigation and insurance defense.

Neil Cowan Jr.

CowanGates | Attorney | Andrew (Drew) DiStansiao. Richmond, VA based.

Drew DiStanislao

CowanGates | Attorney | Melanie Friend. Richmond, VA based lawyer with expertise in divorce, child custody and visitation, spousal support, child support, adoption, and prenuptial agreements.

Melanie Friend

CowanGates | Attorney | David Gates. Virginia based criminal defense attorney with expertise in DUI, theft, petty larceny, breaking and entering, assault and battery, and minor drug cases.

David Gates

CowanGates | Attorney | Heath Gates. Richmond, VA lawyer with expertise in real estate law, primarily contract and closing negotiations, construction and permanent financing.

Heath Gates Jr.

CowanGates | Attorney | Michael Hall. Richmond Virginia Lawyer with expertise in estate planning and administration, general business law, and commercial and residential real estate law.

Michael Hall

CowanGates attorney Henry Jones. Richmond, Virginia based lawyer with expertise in personal injury law, specifically civil trials.

Henry Jones

CowanGates | Attorney | Frank Rennie. Richmond, VA based lawyer with expertise in civil trial work, including commercial litigation, creditor’s rights, eminent domain, and personal injury.

Frank Rennie IV

Scott Stovall of CowanGates, an experienced estate planning and business attorney based in Virginia, who specializes in a range of services including succession planning, tax mitigation, commercial and residential real estate transactions, corporate governance, contract drafting, and legal representation across various industries.

Scott Stovall