Child Custody and Visitation

Child Custody Attorneys

When determining child custody and visitation rights, the court will protect what it believes is in a child’s best interest. As a result, the court considers a number of factors when awarding custody. In some divorce cases, one spouse may try to accuse the other of being unfit due to alcohol, drug or psychological problems. The court may order an in-home study or psychological and medical evaluation of the parent in question. Consequently, it’s important to protect your rights and interests in any child custody or visitation matter.

At CowanGates, our lawyers have the resources and experience needed to ensure our clients’ parental rights are protected throughout a divorce or child custody dispute. When necessary, we consult private investigators, psychologists and other professionals in order to conduct background checks, psychological evaluations and gather evidence pertinent to your case.

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Factors Considered by the Court when Awarding Child Custody

In general, the court will take the following things into consideration when awarding child custody:

  • Age of a child
  • Mental condition of a child
  • The relationship each parent has established with a child
  • The needs of a child
  • The willingness of each parent to support a child’s relationship with the other parent of the child
  • The preference of a child
  • Whether either parent has a criminal record or history of abuse
  • Other factors the court believes are related to what is in the best interest of a child

Relocations and Child Custody Modifications

Regardless of whether the custodial or non-custodial parent needs to relocate, the court must be notified. If the relocation is far away enough to impact visitation schedules, a modification may be necessary. Visitation schedules may need to be changed in order to allow a child to spend more time over the summer or during school holidays with his or her non-custodial parent.

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