Testimonials: David Gates

“Several years ago, I was asked to testify at a trial for a friend. This was not the daunting, intimidating experience I expected. When I first met with the attorney, he was affable, even laid back. During the court case, I was further surprised by the savvy and competence he showed. I believed this to be a powerful combination and filed it under: “If I ever need an attorney…” This was David Gates of CowanGates. Three years ago, I was involved in a car accident. A few weeks after it happened, I met with David Gates, mostly to get the other insurance company off my back. I have always been healthy and active and thought myself to be on the mend. I had a c-spine surgery last February and while the surgery went well, daily life is still a struggle and there are many “take for granted” things I have done for the last time. After several stress-filled months, I am happy to say that my case was settled without a trial. As a plaintiff this time, I also saw a man who is a good leader with a strong, cohesive team. I am grateful for the compassion his staff has extended to me during this time. From Janice’s courtesy to Beate’s tenacity, I have always been in good hands. I would happily refer others to this law firm based on my own experience.”

Mary A., CowanGates Client