Testimonials: Neil Cowan Jr.

“Thank you seems so inadequate compared to all you have done for me during these last several months. You have my deepest gratitude and appreciate and you will forever remind my legal hero! Many, many thanks”

Lynn C., CowanGates Client


“Thank you for the update yesterday regarding the judgment order being signed and returned to the court. As you said, while there is a chance for appeal, it is highly unlikely that they will do so and even more unlikely it would be successful if it were even taken up by the court. While we have viewed this matter to be closed and done as of the close of the trial, I am sending this letter formally acknowledging the end of our engagement, in the event that such action on our part is required or needed for your firm’s files. I want to reiterate how pleased we are with the work of you and your team. It was clear that you all were well prepared and effective in conveying our case to judge… no doubt a result of many, many hours of preparation, research and work on your behalf. Thank you”

Robert M., CowanGates Client


“Thank you for help in “getting through” this situation. I was absolutely lost and you provided the guidance to see it to resolution. I would like to speak to you relative to reviewing the current arrangement with the LLC, current wills, etc. if you so that kind of think. Thanks again, I will always be grateful.”

Shirley R., CowanGates Client


“Thank you so much for your time and help last week. That was a true wake-up call for me! I’ve truly enjoyed working with CowanGates and look forward to continue working together on real estate, not issued flaws. Have a wonderful holiday with yoru family and thank you again for all of your help!”

Amy E., CowanGates Client


“I would just like to say Thanks for a Great Job in my defense. The first time I meet you and Brandon, when you came to New Jersey for the deposition, I was very impressed with you and your brother. Then after the deposition was over I had a very secure feeling that my insurance company had chosen the best firm in Virginia to defend us in this case. That feeling was reinforced 10 fold when I went to Virginia for the hearing and I meet the full Cowan Team. I can only imagine the amount of man hours that went into the preparation for our defense. I was also very impress with the amount of respect that the Court had for your team.  I think that respect weighed a lot in our favor. Thanks again for a great job.”

Neil, CowanGates Client


“From our initial meeting, your experience and calm manner was very reassuring that everything would be alright. Thank you so much for your help.””

Chris P.