Testimonials: Frank Cowan

“Gil and I cannot thank you enough for your effort and determination in resolving this frustrating issue, which caught us extremely off guard. As I’m sure you can imagine, we feel an enormous amount of relief now that the case has been cleared and we can now focus on preparing for all the great things our future holds as a family.”

Daniela G., CowanGates Client


“Firstly, I am reminded everyday, that the place where I wake up is the result of your diligent fighting. With this change of scenery, I am leading a better life for myself. Including school and sports, I am an involved member of my community; by helping disabled children play baseball for the Miracle League of Richmond. I have a great interest in law and legislation, and would like to live up to my aspiration of becoming a lawyer myself.”

Emma W., CowanGates Client


“I can’t think of enough adequate words to thank you for everything you have done for me, so I thought I’d let some chocolate chip cookies show my appreciation. You have treated me so special from the first day we met in the hospital. I have always felt honored and fortunate to have you on my side. Thank you so much”

Donna, CowanGates Client