Testimonials: Scott Stovall

“The word ‘professionalism’ can best describe the estate planning team at CowanGates.  As a former Probate Deputy Clerk in a local Circuit Court and having worked with Mike, Scott, and Amy for nearly seven years, their vast knowledge, experience, and efficiency of providing the necessary estate administration information always ensured a smooth process for their clients.  I highly recommend using CowanGates for all of your estate planning needs.”

CowanGates Client


For many years I had a wonderful attorney for both my business and personal law firm needs. When he announced his retirement, I was devastated to say the least.

 Deborah O’Toole, with CowanGates, had handled some of my real estate dealings in the past and had done a fantastic job.  I decided to hire them as my personal and business law firm.

 It was the correct decision, as they have been great to work with!  All the attorneys are knowledgeable, patient, and attentive.  I can call Mr. Mike Hall, and Mr. Scott Stovall with any questions or problems I might need help solving and they advise me in the best way to benefit my business and me. In addition, Ms. O’Toole has helped me with numerous human resource situations.

 From Janice, who welcomes you into their office like you are walking into someone’s living room, to Frank Cowan, and Rusty Gates, who are the dynamic leaders, that no matter where in town you see them act like you are their best friend.

 I would highly recommend CowanGates to anyone that is looking for a well rounded law firm that can handle anything from small personal issues to larger more complex situations that a small business may be involved with.  Not only can they be a full service law firm, but also they pay attention to detail and get your issues completed in a professional and speedy manner.”

Denise M., CowanGates Client