• “We struggled with very poor representation until we found you and your team”
    Peggy B.
  • “My son did a stupid thing, but Rusty gave him a second chance. He was a great attorney, but an even more valuable surrogate dad – teaching my son valuable life lessons about actions and consequences. Rusty’s services were priceless. I hope I never need a criminal attorney again, but if I do, you can be sure whom I’ll call.Mark, Criminal Law
  • “Heath, thank you for all you do with each of my closings. I know some are more challenging than others. I can honestly say, I wouldn’t want to work with anyone other than you and your team! You are all amazing!”
    Anne B., Real Estate Client
  • “I highly recommend using CowanGates for all of your estate planning needs.”
    CowanGates Client
  • “I don’t think you guys realize what a rare breed of professional awesomeness that you are. Not only did you jump on this, but you’ve done it almost 30 days ahead of time. I don’t know what I’d do without you. Thank you sincerely!”
    Kimberly P., Realtor, Long & Foster
  • “Words cannot express how grateful we all are for all you did for us. We certainly chose the right law firm.”
    Estate Administration Client
  • “I greatly appreciate that you pulled this detail together for us. Through our entire process your team has shared expertise and guidance which is far beyond the aspiration of any other party encountered. For this we extend our sincerest thanks and gratitude.”
    Real Estate Client
  • “Mike Hall & the staff made what could have been a difficult process one of the most positive & smooth business transactions that I have been involved in.”
    Richard G., Corporate Law Client
  • “I am reminded everyday that the place where I wake up is a result of your diligent fighting.”
    Emma W., Family Law Client
  • “We are truly fortunate to have you in our corner.”
    Amy E., Real Estate Client
  • “Attention to detail, timely responses, sage counsel and fair billing are the attributes which have secured my loyalty, both now and in the future.”
    Thomas T., CowanGates Client
  • “Not only can they be a full service law firm, but also they pay attention to detail and get your issues completed in a professional and speedy manner.”
    Denise M., CowanGates Client
  • “After attempting do-it-yourself systems and other low cost options, it was obvious that the competence of Mike Hall at CowanGates is a very good value.”
    Ann & Stuart, CowanGates Clients
  • “Mike’s extolling virtues, professionalism, and warmth are all things that make ‘him’ the attorney to be titled the Go-To Attorney.”
    Jenny D. CowanGates Client
  • “It’s been a pleasure to work with Brandon; he exerts professionalism as well as personal care and concern for his clients.”
    CowanGates Client
  • “I have yet to work with an attorney who cares more about my client’s well being than Mike Hall. I feel fortunate to have found such a strong partnership.”
    Chris K., CowanGates Client
  • “I was looking for someone who would work closely with me to resolve my concerns promptly and sensitively. In Melanie Friend, I found such an attorney.”
    Chris O., Family Law Client
  • “I have always been in good hands with CowanGates and I would happily refer others to this law firm based on my own experience.”
    Mary A., CowanGates Client
  • “David Gates has my deepest gratitude, appreciation and will forever remain my legal hero!”
    Lynn C., CowanGates Client
  • “Melanie understood my frustration. She worked on my account and was able to balance my needs with the realities to find a solution for both parties.”
    Amy C., Family Law Client
  • “Mike Hall and the lawyers at CowanGates have been a valuable resource for my family and business for over 20 years and I am grateful.”
    Kevin H., CowanGates Client
  • “I want to reiterate how pleased we are with the work of you and your team.”
    Robert M., CowanGates Client
  • “I can’t think of enough adequate words to thank you for everything you have done for me. I have always felt honored and fortunate to have you on my side.”
    Donna, CowanGates Client
  • “Thank you, Neil Cowan, for help in ‘getting through’ this situation. I was absolutely lost and you provided the guidance to see it to resolution.”
    Shirley R., CowanGates Client
  • “The first time I met you Neil & Brandon I was very impressed… I had a very secure feeling that my insurance company had chosen the best firm in Virginia.”
    Neil, CowanGates Client
  • “From our initial meeting, your experience and calm manner was very reassuring that everything would be alright. Thank you so much for your help.”
    Chris P.