Testimonials: Brandon Cowan

I wanted to thank you for everything that you have done for us during out court case. It’s been a pleasure to work with someone who exerts professionalism as well as personal care and concern for their client. That will make you a great attorney and person. I will keep your number just in case, but hopefully I will never need it. Good luck in the future and I hope there will only be good things to come for all of us.” 

Ed, Michelle, Jimmie, Elizabeth and Tim, CowanGates Clients


“I would just like to say Thanks for a Great Job in my defense. The first time I meet you and Brandon, when you came to New Jersey for the deposition, I was very impressed with you and your brother. Then after the deposition was over I had a very secure feeling that my insurance company had chosen the best firm in Virginia to defend us in this case. That feeling was reinforced 10 fold when I went to Virginia for the hearing and I meet the full Cowan Team. I can only imagine the amount of man hours that went into the preparation for our defense. I was also very impress with the amount of respect that the Court had for your team.  I think that respect weighed a lot in our favor. Thanks again for a great job.”

Neil, CowanGates Client


“It’s been a pleasure to work with Brandon; he exerts professionalism as well as personal care and concern for his clients.”

CowanGates Client