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If you have questions about personal injury cases in Virginia, it’s best to hire a knowledgeable personal injury attorney to explain your options.

In the Code of Virginia, § 8.01-262 provides where lawsuits can be filed in Virginia. Generally, a personal injury plaintiff can file suit:

  1. Where the defendant resides or has his principal place of employment or, if the defendant is not an individual (i.e. is a corporation or company) where its principal office or principal place of business is located;
  2. Where the defendant has a registered office, has appointed an agent to receive process, or such agent has been appointed by operation of law;
  3. Where the defendant regularly conducts “substantial business activity”, provided there exists any practical nexus to the forum, including but not limited to the location of fact witnesses, plaintiffs, or other evidence to the action; or
  4. Where the cause of action arose (i.e. where the accident happened). 

The framework of the Code gives a Plaintiff potential options on where he or she can file suit. Interestingly, the Code does not automatically allow a plaintiff to file suit where he or she resides unless either: “(i) all of the defendants are unknown or are nonresidents of the Commonwealth or if (ii) there is no other forum available under any other provisions of § 8.01-261 or [8.01-262].” 

Deciding where to file a personal injury suit in Virginia is an important decision to a personal injury plaintiff, as some potential venues may be less friendly (depending on the jury pool) or may be more inconvenient. 

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