Post Judgment Modification

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After a divorce is finalized, the needs and preferences of parents and children may change. When there is a significant change in circumstances, it is often possible to go back to the family court and have your divorce-related agreements changed. An experienced family lawyer can help make the process smooth.

At CowanGates, our Richmond family law attorneys help people get divorce settlements modified. Since 1977, we have served Virginia families with a wide range of family law services. We understand that life is not static. If your circumstances have changed, we are ready to help you change existing divorce orders accordingly.

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Chesterfield County Child Support and Custody Attorneys

The most common parts of a divorce decree that sometimes need to be modified are child support, child custody and spousal support. There are a number of possible reasons to seek modification, including:

  • A change in jobs, requiring a change in work hours or causing a change in income levels
  • Relocation/move-aways, whether for new employment or otherwise
  • Allegations of child abuse, child neglect or substance abuse
  • Remarriage or cohabitation

Changes to existing agreements must be justified by a substantial change in circumstances. This must be proven and supported, which is not always easy. An experienced attorney who understands complex financial and legal relationships can make the difference in how modification requests are handled and whether or not they are granted.

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