The Most Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

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Personal injury can happen anywhere and at anytime, but cases at CowanGates tend to fall under three categories: vehicular accidents (automobile, trucking, motorcycle), products liability, and premises liability.

Automobile accidents typically involve cars, trucks and/or motorcycles. Cases can involve two or more automotive vehicles or a mix of vehicles and non-motor vehicles, such as bikes or pedestrian-auto accidents.

Product liability involves injuries sustained from a manufactured product. The responsibility of a product-related injury can fall on a number of individuals and groups, from manufacturer to retailer to supplier. In products liability cases, it’s important to gather all information available in order to build a strong case.

Premises liability, or slip-and-fall related cases, concern unsafe hazards found anywhere from grocery stores to sidewalks. The responsibility for injuries sustained can fall on the owner of the premises or an employee who caused the hazard.